European Competition Law Annual: (Registro n. 2754)

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Título principal European Competition Law Annual:
Subtítulo The Interaction between Competition Law and Intellectual Property Law /
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Data 2007.
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Conteúdo CONTENTS<br/>List of Sponsors <br/>Participants <br/>Table of Cases <br/>INTRODUCTION <br/><br/>SESSION ONE: GENERAL ASPECTS<br/>1 PANEL I: TO WHAT EXTENT DOES IP REQUIRE/JUSTIFY A SPECIAL TREATMENT UNDER COMPETITION RULES?<br/>Discussion<br/>PANEL II: A CRITICAL EXAMINATION OF THE TT BLOCK EXEMPION<br/>REGULATION AND TT GUIDELINES <br/>Discussion<br/>2 Working Papers<br/>I R. Hewitt Pate: Competition and Intellectual Property in the US: Licensing Freedom and the Limits of Antitrust <br/>II Lan S. Forrester QC: Regulating Intellectual Property Via Competition? Or Regulating Competition Via Intellectual Property? Competition and Intellectual Property: Ten Years On, The Debate Still Flourishes <br/>Ill Philip Lowend Luc Peeperkorn: Intellectual Property. How Special is its Competition Case?<br/>IV Gustavo Ghidini and Emanuela Arezzo: On the Intersection of IPRs and Competition Law With Regard to Information Technology Markets <br/>V Rocheile Dreyfuss: Unique Works/Unique Chalienges at the Inteilectual PropertylCompetition Law Interface <br/>VI Simon Bishop and Dan Gore: From Black and White to Enlightenment? An Economic View of the Reform of EC Competition Rules on Technology Transfer <br/>VII Lars Kjøelbye and Luc Peeperkorn: The New Technology Transfer Block Exemption Regulation and Guidelines <br/>VIII Steven Anderman: Technology Transfer and the IP/Competition Interface <br/><br/>SESSION TWO: SELECTED PROBLEM AREAS <br/>1 PANEL III: PATENT POOLS <br/>Discussion <br/>PANEL IV: COLLECTING SOCIETIES <br/>Discussion <br/>2 Working Papers <br/>I A. Douglas Melamed and David Lerch: Uncertain Patents, Antitrust, and Patent Pools <br/>II Peter Plompen: The New Technology Transfer Guidelines (TTG) as Ápplied to Patent Pools and Patent Pool Licensing: Some Observations Regardin the Concept of Essential Technologies<br/>III Hanns Ullrich: Patent Pools: Approaching a Patent Law Problem Via Competition Policy <br/>IV Alian Feis, AO and Jii Waiker: Australian Inteliectual Property Law, Competition and Collecting Societies:Efficiency, Monopoly, Competition and Regulazion <br/>V Ernst-Joachim Mestmãcker: Collecting Societies <br/>VI Frédéric Jenny: EC Competition Law Enforcemen: andCollecting Societies for Music Rights: What Are We Aiming For? <br/>VII Rafael Allendesalazar and Roberto Vallina:Collecting Societies: The Usual Suspects<br/>VIII Thomas Vinje and Ossi Niiranen: The Application Of Competition Law to Collecting Societies in a Borderless Digital Environment <br/><br/>SESSION THREE: SELECTED PROBLEM AREAS<br/>(CONTINUED) <br/>1 PANEL V: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND MERGER CONTROL <br/>Discussion <br/>PANEL VI: ABUSE OF DOMINANCE IN LICENSING AND REFUSAL TO LICENSE <br/>Discussion <br/>2 Working Papers <br/>I Deborah Platt Majoras: The Role ofintelleclual Property iii Merger Review: Recent Cases from the US Anritrus: Enforcement Agencies <br/>II Benoft Durand: Inteilectual Property and Merger Control: Review ofthe Recent Experience under the European Merger Regulation <br/>III James F. Rui and Penny G. Newman: Reflections on Enforcement Áctions and Statements Concerning Inteilectual Property Elements of Merger Review <br/>IV Jochen Burrichter and Dr Bons Kasten: Inteliectual Property and Merger Control (Germany/EU) <br/>V Patrick Rey: Inteilectual Property and Merger Control <br/>VI Calvin S. Goldman and Jason Gudofsky: Canada's Competition Act, Unilateral Conduct and The Licensing of IP Rights: Balancing on a Tight Rope <br/>VII James S. Venit: Árticle 82 EC: Exceptional Circumstances: The IP/Antitrust Interface After IMS Health <br/>VIII Eleanor M. Fox: Monopolization, Abuse of Dominance, and Refusal to License Intellectual Property to Competitors—Do Antitrust Duties Help or Hurt Competition and Innovation? How Do WeKnow? <br/>IX Josef Drexi: Abuse of Dominance in Licensing and Refusal to License: A 'More Economic Approach' to Competition by Imitation and to Competition by Substitution <br/><br/>BIBLIOGRAPHY <br/>
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