European Competition Law Annual: (Registro n. 2800)

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Título principal European Competition Law Annual:
Subtítulo 2004: The Relationship Between Competition Law and the (Liberal) Professions /
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Editora Hart Publishing,
Data 2006.
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Número de páginas 610 p.
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Conteúdo CONTENTS<br/><br/>List of Sponsors <br/>Table of Cases <br/><br/>INTRODUCTION <br/><br/>PANEL ONE: ECONOMIC ASPECTS<br/><br/>PANEL DISCUSSION<br/>INTRODUCTORY STATEMENT BY MARIO MONTI DISCUSSION<br/><br/>Working Papers: <br/>I Benito Arruflada: Managing Competition in Professional Services and the Burden of lnertia <br/>II Amelia Fletcher: The Liberal Professions—Getting the Regulatory Balance Right <br/>III Marc Hameleers, Jeroen van den Heuvel Rijnders and Sander Baljé: Towards a Smarter Protection of Public Interests in the Liberal Professions <br/>IV Harald Herrmann: Antitrust Law Compliance and Professional Governance: How Can the European Commission Trigger Competitive SeIf-regulation? <br/>V Frédéric Jenny: Regulation, Competition and the Professions<br/>VI Frank H Stephen: The Market Failure Justfication for the Regulation of Professional Service Markets and the Characteristics of Consumers <br/>VII Roger van den Bergh: Towards Efficient Self-regulation in Markets for Professional Services <br/><br/>PANEL TWO: LEGAL ISSUES <br/><br/>PANEL DISCUSSION<br/><br/>Working Papers: <br/>I Pamela Brumter Coret: Freedom of Establishment and Freedom to Provide Services for Regulated Professions in the Internal Market: New Initiatives by the Commission <br/>II John D Cooke: Vocation as Commodity <br/>III Harry First: Liberal or Learned2 European and US Antitrust Approaches to the Professions <br/>IV lan S Forrester: Where Law Meets Competition: Is Wouters Like a Cassis de Dijon or A Platypus? <br/>V Hans Gilliams: Competition Law and Public Interest: Do We Need to Change the Lawfor the (Liberal) Professions? <br/>VI Calvin S Goidman and Benjamin R Little: The Regulated Conduct Defence in Canada <br/>VII Luc Gyselen: Anti-competitive State Áction in the Área of Liberal Proftssions: An EU/US Comparative Law Perspective <br/>VIII Wilhiam Kolasky: Antitrusi and the Liberal Professions: The US Experience <br/>IX Santiago Martínez Lage and Rafael Aliendesalazar Corcho: Professions and Competition in Spain: A Long and Winding Road <br/>X Assimakis P Komninos: Resolution of Conflicts in the Integrated Árticle 81 EC<br/><br/>PANEL THREE: INSTITUTIONAL/POLITICAL ISSUES <br/><br/>PANEL DISCUSSION<br/><br/>Working Papers <br/>I Lowri Evans, Maija Laurita and Ruth Pasennan: Professional Services: Recent EU Developments and Work in Progress <br/>II Alian Feis: The Australian Experience Concerning Law and the Professions <br/>III William E Kovacic: Competition Policy Research and Development, Institutional Interdependency, and the Future Work of Competition Agencies in the Professions <br/>IV Mark C Schechter and Christine C Wilson: The Learned Professions in the United States: Where Do We Stand Thirty Years after Goldfarb? <br/>V Mario Siragusa: Critica! Remarks on the Commission 's Legal Analysis in its Report on Competition in Professional Services <br/><br/>Bibliography <br/>
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