Competition Law/ (Registro n. 3111)

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Conteúdo Contents<br/><br/>Preface <br/>Table of statutes <br/>Table of staturory instruments <br/>Table of EC legislarion <br/>Table of Conipetition Commission reports <br/>Table of OFT reports<br/>Table of cases <br/>List of abbreviations <br/><br/>CHAPTER 1<br/>Competition policy and economics<br/>1. The theory of competition <br/>2. The function of competition law <br/>3. Market definition and market power <br/><br/>CHAPTER 2<br/>Overview of EC and UK competition law <br/>1. EC law<br/>2. UK law<br/>3. The relationship between EC competition law and national competition laws <br/>4. The institutional structure of EC and UK competition law <br/><br/>CHAPTER 3<br/>Article8l(I)<br/>1. Undertakings <br/>2. Agreemenrs, decisions and concerted practices<br/>3. The object or effect of preventing, restricting or distorting competition <br/>4. The de minimis doctrine <br/>5. The effect on trade between member states <br/>6. Checklist of agreements that fali outside Articie 81(1) <br/><br/>CHAPTER 4<br/>Article 81(3) <br/>1. The criteria for exemption under Article 81(3) <br/>2. Notification for individual exemption <br/>3. The implicarions of the Modernisation Reguiation 168 4 Block exemptions <br/><br/>CHAPTER 5<br/>Article 82 <br/>1. Introduction <br/>2. Undertakings <br/>3. The effect on inter-state trade <br/>4. Dominant position <br/>5. A substantial part of the comrnon market <br/>6. Smail firms and narrow markets <br/>7. Abuse <br/>8. Abuse of dominance and property rights <br/>9. Powers of the Commission under Article 82 and the Modernisarion Regulation <br/>10. Civil consequences of Article 82 <br/><br/>CHAPTER 6<br/>The obligations of Member States under the EC competition rules<br/>1. lntroduction <br/>2. Article 10 <br/>3. Article 86 <br/>4. Article 31 - State monopolies of a commerciai character<br/>5. Articies 87 to 89— State aids <br/><br/>CHAPTER 7<br/>Articles 81 and 82: enforcement by the European Commission and national competition authorities under the Modernisation Regulation <br/>1. lhe pollcv behind the modei ni'ition prugramrne <br/>2. Overview of the Modernisatiun Regulation <br/>3. Chapter I: principies <br/>4. Chapter II: powers <br/>5. Chapter III: Commission decisions <br/>6. Chapter IV: cooperation <br/>7. Chapter V. powers of investigation <br/>8. Chapter VI: penalties <br/>9. Chapter VII: limitation periods <br/>10. Chapter VIII: hearings and professional secrecy <br/>11. Chapter IX: exemption regulations <br/>12. Chapter X: general provisions <br/>13. Chapter XI: transitional, amending and final provisions <br/>14. judicial review <br/><br/>CHAPTER 8<br/>Articles 81 and 82: enforcement in the courts of Member States <br/>1. Introduction <br/>2. The impact of the Modernisation Regulation <br/>3. The enforceabiliry of agreements: Article 81 <br/>4. The enforceability of agreements: Article 82 <br/>5. Actions for an injunction and/or damages <br/><br/>CHAPTER 9<br/>Competition Act 1998 - substantive provisions <br/>1. Introduction <br/>2. The Chapter I prohibition <br/>3. The Chapter II prohibition <br/>4.Governing principies clause': section 60 of the Competition Act 1998<br/>5. Table of published decisions under the Competition Act 1998 <br/><br/>CHAPTER 10<br/>Competition Act 1998: enforcement and procedure <br/>1. Inquiries and investigations <br/>2. Complaints and super-complaints <br/>3. Notification <br/>4. Enforcement <br/>5. The cartel offence and company director disqualification <br/>6. Concurrency <br/>7. Appeals and references under Article 234 EC <br/>8. The enforcement of the Competition Act 1998 in civil courts <br/>9. The impact of the EC Modernisation Regulation <br/><br/>CHAPTER 11<br/>Enterprise Act 2002: market investigatons <br/>1.Introduction <br/>2. Overview of the provisions on market investigation references <br/>3. OFTmarketstudies <br/>4. Super-complaints <br/>5. Marketinvestigation references <br/>6. Public interest cases <br/>7. Enforcement <br/>8. Supplementary provisions <br/>9. Recenr monopoly and complex monopoly references under the Fair Trading Act <br/><br/>CHAPTER 12<br/>The international dimension of competition law <br/>1. Introduction <br/>2. Extraterritoriality: thcory and US law <br/>3. The extraterritorial application of EC competition law <br/>4. The extraterritorial application of UK competition law <br/>5. Resistance to extraterritorial application of competition law <br/>6. The internationalisation of competition, law <br/><br/>CHAPTER 13<br/>Horizontal agreernents (1) - carteis <br/>1. The hardening attitude of competition authorities towards carteis <br/>2. Major cartel cases since 1986 <br/>3. Horizontal price fixing <br/>4. Horizontal market sharing <br/>5. Quotas and other restrictions on production<br/>6. Collusive tender] ng <br/>7. Agreements relating to terms and conditions <br/>8. Information agreernents <br/>9. Advertising restrictions <br/>10. Anti -competi tive horizontal restraints <br/>11. UK law <br/><br/>CHAPTER 14<br/>Horizontal agreements (2) - oligopoly, tacit coilusion and collective dominance <br/>1. Introduction <br/>2. The theory of oligopolistic interdependence <br/>3. Article 81<br/>4. Article 82 and coliective dominance <br/>5. The ECMR and coliective dominance <br/>6. UK law <br/><br/>CHAPTER 15<br/>Horizontal agreements (3) - cooperation agreements <br/>1. Introduction <br/>2. Full-function joint ventures <br/>3. The application of Article 81 to horizontal cooperation agreements and the Commission's Horizontal Guidelines <br/>4. The analytical framework in the Commission's Guidelines for the most common types of horizontal cooperation agreements under Article 81 <br/>5. Research and development agreements <br/>6. Production agreements, including specialisation agreements <br/>7. Purchasing agreements <br/>8. Commercialisation agreements <br/>9. Agreements on standards <br/>10. Environmental agreements <br/>11. Other cases of permissible horizontal cooperation <br/>12. The application of the Chapter 1 prohibition in the UK Competition Act 1998 to horizontal cooperation agreements <br/><br/>CHAPTER 16<br/>Vertical agreements <br/>1. The distribution chain <br/>2. Vertical integration <br/>3. Commercial agents <br/>4. Vertical agreements: competition policy considerations<br/>5. Vertical agreements: Article 81(1) <br/>6. The path to reform of the block exemptions <br/>7. Vertical agreements: Regulation 2790/99 617<br/>8. The application of Article 81(3) to agreements that do not satisfy the biock exemption <br/>9. Regulation 1400/2002 on Motor Vehicle Distribution <br/>10. Sub-contracting agreements <br/>11. UK law <br/><br/>CHAPTER 17<br/>Abuse of dominance (1): non-pricing practices <br/>1. Exclusive agreements <br/>2. Tie-in agreements<br/>3. Refusal to supply <br/>4. Abuses that are harmful to the single Market<br/>5. Miscellaneous cases<br/>6. UK law<br/><br/>CHAPTER 18<br/>Abuse of dominance (2): pricing practices <br/>1. Cost concepts <br/>2. Exploitative pricing practices <br/>3. Pricing practices having effects similar to exclusive or tie-in agreements <br/>4. Pricing practices intended to eliminate competitors<br/>5. Price discrimination <br/>6. Pricing practices that are harmful to the single market <br/>7. UK law <br/><br/>CHAPTER 19<br/>The relationship between inteliectual property rights and competition Iaw <br/>1. Introduction <br/>2. Licences of inteliectual property rights: Article 8 1(1) <br/>3. Licences of inteilectual property rights: Regulation 240/96 <br/>4. Licences of inteliectual property rights: individual assessment under Article81(3) <br/>5. Horizontal agreements relating to inteliectual property rights <br/>6. Article 82 and inteilectual property rights <br/>7. Inteilectual property rights and the free movement provisions of the Treaty of Rome <br/>8. UKlaw <br/><br/>CHAPTER 20<br/>Mergers (1) - introduction<br/>1. Introduction <br/>2. Terminology <br/>3. Merger activity <br/>4. The proliferation of systems of merger control<br/>5. Why do firms rnerge?<br/>6. What is the purpose of merger control?<br/>7. Designing a system of merger control <br/><br/>CHAPTER 21<br/>Mergers (2) - EC Iaw<br/>1. Introduction <br/>2. EC Merger Regulation<br/>3. Making sense of the EMCR: outline of this chapter <br/>4. Jurisdiction<br/>5. Notification, suspension of concentrations, procedural timetable and powers ofdecision <br/>6. Substantive analysis <br/>7. Commitments <br/>8. Powers of investigation and enforcement <br/>9. International cooperation <br/>10. Judicial review under the ECMR <br/>11. The ECMR in practice <br/>12. Mandatory review and the Commission's proposais for reform of the ECMR <br/><br/>CHAPTER 22<br/>Mergers (3) - UK Iaw <br/>1. Introduction <br/>2. Overview of UK merger control <br/>3. Duty to make references <br/>4. Public interest cases 898 S. Other special cases <br/>6. Enforcement <br/>7. Supplementary provisions <br/>8. The 'substantial lessening of competition test <br/>9. The merger provisions in practice<br/>10. Mergers in the water industry <br/><br/>CHAPTER 23<br/>Particular sectors<br/>1. Nuclear energy <br/>2. Military equipment <br/>3. Agriculture <br/>4. Coal and steel <br/>5. Transport <br/>6. Regulated industries <br/>7. Electronic communications <br/>8. Post <br/>9. Gas <br/>10. Electricity <br/>11. Water <br/><br/>Bibliography <br/>Index <br/><br/>
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