Handbook of computational economics: (Registro n. 3422)

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ISBN 9780444512536
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Título principal Handbook of computational economics:
Subtítulo agent-based computational economics/
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Cidade Amsterdam:
Editora North-Holland,
Data 2006.
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Número de páginas 1659 p.
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Série Handbook In Economics 13
Volume v. 2
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Conteúdo CONTENTS OF THE HANDBOOK<br/><br/>VOLUME 1 <br/>Introduction to the Series<br/>Preface to the Handbook<br/><br/>PART 1: ECONOMIC TOPICS<br/><br/>Chapter 1<br/>Computable General Equilibrium Modelling for Policy Analysis and Forecasting <br/>PETER B. DIXON and B.R. PARMENTER<br/><br/>Chapter 2<br/>Computation of Equilibria in Finite Games<br/>RICHARD D. McKELVEY and ANDREW McLENNAN<br/><br/>Chapter 3<br/>Computational Methods for Macroeconometric Modeis <br/>RAY C. FAJR<br/><br/>Chapter 4<br/>Mechanics of Forming and Estimating Dynamic Linear Economies<br/>EVAN W. ANDERSON, LARS PETER HANSEN, ELLEN R. McGRATFAN and THOMAS J. SARGENT<br/><br/>Chapter 5<br/>Nonlinear Pricing and Mechanism Design <br/>ROBERT WILSON<br/><br/>Chapter 6<br/>Sectoral Economics <br/>DAVID A. KENDRICK<br/><br/>PART 2: COMPUTER SCIENCE TOPICS<br/><br/>Chapter 7<br/>Paraliel Computation <br/>ANNA NAGURNEY<br/><br/>Chapter 8<br/>Artificial Intelligence in Economics and Finance: A State of lhe Art - 1994 The real estale price and assets and liability analvsis case<br/>L.F. PAU and TAN, PAN YONG<br/><br/>Chapter 9<br/>Neural Networks for Encoding and Adapting in Dynamic Economies <br/>l.-KOO cuo and THOMAS J. SARGENT<br/><br/>Chapter 10<br/>Modeling Languages in Computational Economics <br/>GAMS STAVROS A. ZJNlOS<br/><br/>Chapter 11<br/>Mathematica for Econornists <br/>HAL R. VARIAN<br/><br/>PART 3: NUMERICAL METHODS<br/><br/>Chapter 12<br/>Approximation, perturbation. and Projection Methods in Economic Analysis <br/>KENNETH L. JUDD<br/><br/>Chapter 13<br/>Numerical Melhods for Linear-Quadratic Models <br/>HANS AMMAN<br/><br/>Chapter 14<br/>Numerical Dynamic Programming in Economics <br/>JOHN RUST<br/><br/>Chapter 15<br/>Monte Carlo Simulation and Numerical Integration <br/>JOHN GEWEKE<br/>Index<br/><br/>VOLUME 2<br/>Introduction to the Series <br/>Preface<br/><br/>PART 1: ACE RESEARCH REVIEWS<br/><br/>Chaprer 16<br/>Agent-Based Computational Econornics: A Constructive Approach to Economic Theory <br/>LEIGH TESFATSION<br/><br/>Chapter 17<br/>Computationally Intensive Analyses in Economics <br/>KENNETH L. JUDD<br/><br/>Chapter 18<br/>Agent Learning Representation: Advice on Modelling Economic Learning <br/>THOMAS BRENNER<br/><br/>Chapter 19<br/>Agent-Based Models and Human Subject Experiments<br/>JOHN DUFFY<br/><br/>Chapter 20<br/>Economic Activity on Fixed Networks <br/>ALLEN WILHITE<br/><br/>Chapter 21<br/>ACE Models of Endogenous Interactions<br/>NICOLAAS J. VRIEND<br/><br/>Chapter 22<br/>Social Dynamics: Theory and Applications H. <br/>PEYTON YOUNG<br/><br/>Chapter 23<br/>Heterogeneous Agent Models in Economics and Finance <br/>CARS H. HOMMES<br/><br/>Chapter 24<br/>Agent-Based Computational Finance<br/>BLAKE LEBARON<br/><br/>Chapter 25<br/>Agent-Based Models of Innovation and Technological Change<br/>HERBERT DAWID<br/><br/>Chapter 26<br/>Agent-Based Models of Organizations<br/>MYONG-HUN CHANG and JOSEPH E. HARRINGTON. JR.<br/><br/>Chapter 27<br/>Market Design Using Agent-Based Models <br/>ROBERT MARKS<br/><br/>Chapter 28<br/>Automated Markets and Trading Agents<br/>JEFFREY K. MACKIE-MASON and MICHAEL P. WELLMAN<br/><br/>Chapter 29<br/>Computational Methods and Models of Politics<br/>KEN KOLLMAN and SCOU E. PAGE<br/><br/>Chapter 30<br/>Governing Social-Ecological Systems<br/>MARCO A. JANSSEN and ELINOR OSTROM<br/><br/>Chapter 31<br/>Computational Laboratories for Spatial Agent-Based Models <br/>CATHERINE DIBBLE<br/><br/>PART 2: PERSPECTIVES ON THE ACE METHODOLOGY<br/><br/>Chapter 32<br/>Out-of-Equilibrium Economics and Agent-Based Modeling <br/>W. BRIAN ARTHUR<br/><br/>Chapter 33<br/>Agent-Based Modeling as a Bridge Between Disciplines <br/>ROBERT AXELROD<br/><br/>Chapter 34<br/>Remarks on the Foundations of Agent-Based Generative Social Science <br/>JOSHUA M. EPSTEIN<br/><br/>Chapter 35<br/>Coordination Issues in Long-Run Growth <br/>PETER HOWIIT<br/><br/>Chapter 36<br/>Agent-Based Macro<br/>AXEL LEIJONHUFVUD<br/><br/>Chapter 37<br/>Some Fun, Thirty-Five Years Ago <br/>THOMAS C. SCHELLING<br/><br/>PART 3: GUIDELINE FOR NEWCOMERS TO AGENT-BASED MODELING<br/><br/>Appendix A<br/>A Guide for Newcomers to Agent-Based Modeling in the Social Sciences <br/>ROBERT AXELROD and LEIGH TESFATSION<br/><br/><br/>
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