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ISBN 9781939007919
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Localização na estante 341.3787 F852
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Título principal Frédéric Jenny:
Subtítulo standing up for convergence and relevance in antitrust/
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Cidade New York:
Editora Institute of Competition Law - Concurrences,
Data 2021.
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Número de páginas 309 p.
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Série Liber Amicorum
Volume v. 2
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Conteúdo Table of Contents<br/><br/>Foreword<br/>Contributors<br/>Table of Contents<br/>Frédéric Jenny Biography & Publications<br/><br/>Part 1: Institutions<br/>Realising the Potential Synergies Between International Trade and Competition Policy: Carrying Forward the Vision<br/>Of Frédéric Jenny<br/>Robert O. Anderson<br/><br/>International Competition Policy Cooperation in Times<br/>of Trade Tension: A Proposal for EU Action<br/>François-Charles Laprévote<br/><br/>Forging Links Between Competition Authorities<br/>and Academic Institutions<br/>Mel Marquis<br/><br/>La place des économistes dans les organes d'application<br/>du droit de Ia concurrence Questions sur un malaise existentiel <br/>Guy Canivet<br/><br/>Part II: Anticompetitive Practices<br/><br/>Variation in Bid-Rigging Carteis' Overcharges <br/>John M. Connor and Dan P. Werner<br/><br/>Vertical Restraints and Article 101 TFEU: The Resurgence of Direct Enforcement by the European Commission<br/>Jean-François BeIlis<br/><br/>Part III: Dominance and Foreclosure<br/><br/>The Quest for a Standard Anticompetitive Foreclosure<br/>under Article 102 <br/>lngrid Vandenborre and Amaury Sibon<br/><br/>Foreclosure and Innovation in New Markets<br/>Alexandre Carbonnel<br/><br/>Part IV: Online Platforms and Digital Economy<br/><br/>Data-Driven Dominance in Online Platforms<br/>Luís Campos<br/><br/>Echo Chambers and Competition Law:<br/>Should Algorithmic Choices Be Respected9 <br/>Eran Fish and Michal Gal<br/><br/>Rekindling Convergence: The Digital Economy and the Need for a Coherent and Convergent Global Competition<br/>Law Enforcement <br/>Paula Farani de Azevedo Silveira and Paula de Andrade Baqueiro<br/><br/>Part V: Intelectual Property<br/><br/>The Interface of Competition and Intellectual Property Law:<br/>Taking Stock and identifying New Chailenges <br/>Pedro Caro de Sousa and António Gomes<br/><br/>The Application of Antitrust Principies to SEP/FRAND Disputes: Anticompetitive Exploitative and Exclusionary Conduct.<br/>And What About Anti-Suit Injunctions9 <br/>Paul Lugard<br/><br/>Part VI: Miscellaneous<br/><br/>Common Ownership: Solutions in Search of a Problem <br/>Keith Klovers and Douglas H. Ginsburg<br/><br/>Attribution of Employees' Conduct in Competition Law <br/>Godfrey Lam<br/><br/>Competition Policy and Public Interest:<br/>A Glance at the Brazilian Experience<br/>Paulo Burnier Da Silveira<br/><br/>
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9 (RLIN) 1918
Assunto Política antitruste
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9 (RLIN) 2476
Nome pessoa CHARBIT, Nicolas
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Nome pessoa MORETTO, Thomas
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Nome pessoa MARSDEN, Philip
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