Perspectives on antitrust compliance/ (Registro n. 3519)

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Título principal Perspectives on antitrust compliance/
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Data 2022.
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Conteúdo Table of Contents<br/>Foreword<br/>About the Editors <br/>Contributors<br/>Table of Contents <br/><br/>Part I: Setting the Scene<br/>Chapter 1 – Introduction<br/>Anne Riley, Andreas Stephan and Anny Tubbs (Independent Compliance Consultant University of East Anglia 1 First Move Productions)<br/>Chapter 2 - The Rationale for Competition Law Design <br/>Andreas Stephan (University of East Anglia)<br/>Chapter 3 - The Elements of a Credible Compliance Programme<br/>Anne Riley, Andreas Stephan and Anny Tubbs (Independent Compliance consultant University of East Anglia 1 First Move Productions)<br/><br/>Part II: Academic Perspectives on the Antitrust Compliance Challenge<br/>Chapter 4 - Business Strategy and Antitrust Compliance<br/>Sean F Ennis (University of East Anglia)<br/>Chapter 5 - Screening is a "Must Have" Tool for Effective Antitrust Compliance Programmes<br/>Rosa M Abrantes-Metz and Albert D Metz (The Braule Group)<br/>Chapter 6 - Giving Voice To Values: The "How" of Effective Antitrust<br/>Compliance<br/>Mary C Gentile and Anny Tubbs (University of Virginia. Darden School of Business First Move Productions)<br/>Chapter 7 - A Behavioural Economics Perspective on Compliance<br/>Sheheryar Banuri (University of East Anglia)<br/><br/>Part III: Practical Perspectives on Antitrust Compliance<br/>The Competition Authority<br/>Chapter 8 - Fighting Cartels: The Interaction Between Detection,<br/>Sanction and Compliance <br/>Emmanuel Combe and Constance Monnier (Autorité de la concurrence University of Paris 1 Panrhéon-Sorbonne)<br/>Chapter 9 - Looking Towards the Future of Competition<br/>Law Compliance in Canada <br/>Majid Charania and Nadia Vassos (Competition Bureau Canada)<br/>Chapter 10— Practical Perspectives from the Brazilian Competition Authority: Building an Institutional Framework for the Adoption of Antitrust Compliance<br/>Paula Farani de Azevedo Silveira and Paula de Andrade Baqueiro (CADE)<br/>Chapter 11 - Taking an Active Role in Promoting Compliance -<br/>View from Hong Kong Rasul Butt (Hong Kong Competition Commission)<br/>The In-House Counsel<br/>Chapter 12— The Challenge of Antitrust Compliance In a Complex World<br/>Ben Graham and Anneleen Straetemans (A B InBev) <br/>Chapter 13 - Organisational Aspects of In-House Antitrust <br/>Compliance and Law Groups <br/>Dma Kailay (Ericsson) <br/>Chapter 14— Practical Suggestions for a Successful Competition <br/>Law Compliance Programme<br/>Kirstie Nicholson (BHP) <br/>Chapter 15— lmplementing A Multinational's Global Antitrust Programme Locally: How to Manage Expectations on All Sides <br/>Paula Morrone (TASA Logística Group) <br/>Chapter 16— The "Rogue Employee" Doesn't Exist: The "First Commandment" of an EU Antitrust Compliance Programme<br/>Fabrizio Di Benedetto (Intesa Sanpaolo) <br/>The Law Firm<br/>Chapter 17 - Practical Competition Compliance: How Law Firms Can Partner with In-House Counsel <br/>Samantha Mobley and Grant Murray (Baker McKenzie)<br/>Chapter 18 - Sticks and Carrots: How Best Can Companies Nudge<br/>Individuals to Comply with Competition Law?<br/>lan Giles and Mark Daniels (Norton Rose Fuibright)<br/>Chapter 19— US Department of Justice Antitrust Division Incentivises Investment in Corporate Compliance Programmes<br/>Ann O'Brien and Alyse F Stach (Baker Hostetier)<br/>Chapter 20— Avoiding The "Chilling Effect" of a Fear of Antitrust Law: A Practical Perspective on Procompetitive<br/>Collaboration in Brazil <br/>Eduardo Caminati, Marcio Bueno, Guilherme Misale and Tatiane Siqui<br/>(Caminati Bueno Advogados)<br/>The Consultancy<br/>Chapter 21 - Dressing for the Weather: Tailoring Board<br/>Compliance to Business Reality<br/>David Stallibrass, Sarah Newton and John Fingleton (Fingleton)<br/>Chapter 22 - Bringing the Outside In - M&A, Joint Venture and Third Parties <br/>PwC<br/>The Price-Fixer<br/>Chapter 23 - The Price-Fixer: Compliance Tales From the Other Side Andreas Stephan (University of East Anglia)<br/>The Change Agents<br/>Chapter 24 - Embracing a Prosocial Antitrust Agenda<br/>AmeI ia Miad (UC Berkeley School of Law)<br/>Chapter 25 - Health Emergencies and Competition Law: the COVID- 19 Experience<br/>Sergio Napolitano (Medicines For Europe)<br/>Chapter 26— Is Collective Action Against Corruption a Competition Risk for Companies? <br/>Gelnma Aiolfi and Cecilia Müller Torbrand (Base! Institute cm Governance MAC'N)<br/>Chapter 27 - Environmental Sustainability and Antitrust Compliance<br/>International Chamber of Commerce<br/>Chapter 28 - The Practical Challenges of Legitimate industry Cooperation<br/>Dirk Middelschulte (Unilever)<br/>Part IV: Interaction with Other Areas of Compliance<br/>Chapter 29 - The Intersection Between Anti-Bribery and Corruption and Antitrust Enforcement<br/>Andrew McBride, Jane Shvets and Timothy Mclver (Alhermarle Debevoise & Plimplon)<br/>Chapter 30 - What Can Competition Law Enforcers Learn From Others<br/>Joseph Murphy (Compliance Strategists)<br/>Conclusion<br/>Anne Riley, Andreas Stephan and Anny Tubbs (Independent Compliance Consultant University at East Anglia 1 First Move Productions)<br/>Perspectives on Antitrust Compliance<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>
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