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ISBN 9781838625849
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Localização na estante 341.3787
Cutter G562e
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Autor Entidade Global Competition Review
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Título principal Europe, Middle East and Africa:
Subtítulo antitrust review 2022/
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Cidade Reino Unido:
Editora Global Competition Review,
Data 2021.
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Número de páginas 542 p.
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Conteúdo <br/>EUROPE<br/><br/>EUROPEAN UNION<br/>Dealing with the Broad lmpact of Antitrust on JVs.<br/>Catriona Hatton and David Cardwell<br/>Baker Bons LLP<br/><br/>EC puts the Focus on the Digital Economy <br/>Stavroula Vryna, Richard Btewett, Nelson Jung and Thomas Vinje <br/>Clifford Chance<br/><br/>Fines and Cartel. Damages<br/>Elvira Aliende Rodriguez, Ruba NooraLi and Victoria Rivas Santiago Shearman & Sterting LLP<br/><br/>Merger Control Updates<br/>Kyriakos Fountoukakos, CamiUe Puech-Baron and Agalhe Cétarié Herbert <br/>Srnith FreehilIs LLP<br/><br/>Modernising the Law on Vertical Agreements<br/>Gian Diego Pini and Antonio Carnmatjeri<br/>.Skadden, Arps, Siate, tvleagher & Flom LLP<br/><br/>CYPRUS<br/>CPC Still Busy During Covid-1 9 <br/>Loukia Christodoulou<br/>Chair of the Cyprus Cornmission for the Protection of Competition<br/><br/>DENMARK<br/>The Differences in Danish and EU Competition Law<br/>Otaf Koktvedgaard, Søren Zinck dnd Frederik André Bork <br/>Bruun & Hjejle<br/><br/>A Primer on Merger Control <br/>OLf Koktvedgaard, Søren Zinck and Frederik André Bork <br/>Bruun & Hjejle<br/><br/>FRANCE<br/>Beyond the Punisher<br/>Jérôme Philippe and Aude-Chartotte Guvon <br/>Freshtieids Bruckhaus Deringer LLP<br/><br/>Changes and Firsts for the FCA<br/>Mélanie ThitI Tayara and Laurence Bary <br/>Dechert LLP<br/><br/>FCA's Strong Activity in Covid Times, including in Digital Markets<br/>Isabeile de Silva<br/>Presídent of the French Com penrion Authority<br/><br/>Private Antitrust Litigation - a Practical Guide <br/>Mélanie Thill Tayara and Marion Provost <br/>Dechert LLP<br/><br/>GERMANY<br/>A Leader in Private Antitrust Litigation <br/>Albrecht Bach and Christoph Wolf <br/>Oppenlánder Rechtsanwálle<br/><br/>Addressing the Power Dynamic <br/>Anne Caroline Wegner, Helmut Janssen and Sebastian Janka <br/>Luther Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft rnbH<br/><br/>FCO at the Forefront in the Digital Era<br/>Andreas Mundt<br/>President of the Federal Cartel Office<br/><br/>Increased Scrutiny on FDI<br/>Silvio Cappellari and Stephanie Birmanns<br/>SZA Schilling, Zutt & Anschutz Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH<br/><br/>GREECE<br/>Presenting the Greek Antitrust Framework<br/>Cleomenis Yannikas <br/>Dryllerakis & Associates<br/><br/>NORWAY<br/>High Activity in Covid Times<br/>Lars Sørgard<br/>Director General ot the Norwegian Com petition Authority<br/><br/>PORTUGAL<br/>Maintaining Strong Enforcement<br/>Margarida Matos Rosa<br/>President of the Portuguese Com petition Authority<br/><br/>RUSSIA<br/>Enforcement Practice of FAS Russia<br/>Igor Artemiev<br/>Head of the Federal Anti -Monopoty Service of Russia<br/><br/>The Spedfícs of Economic Concentration in Russia<br/>Irina Akirnova and Ksenia Simakova<br/>BGP Litigation<br/><br/>SPAIN<br/>Towards Consolidation of Competition Culture <br/>Cani Fernandez<br/>President of the National Commission for Markets and Competition<br/><br/>SWEDEN<br/>New Decision-Making Powers for thew SCA - the Future is Here7 <br/>Etsa Arbrandt, Frednk Lindblom and Sanna Widén Advokatfirman Cederqufst KB<br/><br/>Colaboration and Enhanced Deterrence<br/>Rikard Jerrnstert<br/>Director General o! the Swedtsh Competition Authority<br/><br/>SWITZERLAN D<br/>Fighting Against Being a High-Price Island<br/>Daniel. Emch Corinne Wüthrích-Harte and Stetanie Karien <br/>KeUerhals Carrard<br/><br/>TURKEY<br/>Combating Abuse of Dominance<br/>Gbnenç Gürkaynak and O Onur Ozgürnu<br/>ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law<br/><br/>Merger Control in a Nutshell <br/>4 Gënenç Gürkaynak and K Korhan Yl.dirim ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law<br/><br/>Recent Legistative Changes and Cartel Enforcement<br/>Gõnenç Gürkaynak and Oznur InaniUr<br/>ELIG Gürkaynak Attorneys-at-Law<br/><br/>UKRAINE<br/>Casting a Wide Net for Merger Control. <br/>N'lariya Nizhnik, Sergey Dentsenko and Yevgen Biok Aequo Law Firrn<br/><br/>UNITED KINGDOM<br/>Summary of Cartel Enforcement Action <br/>Frances Murphy, Joanna Chnstoforou, MchaeL Zyrner and GabrielLe Martin <br/>Morgan Lewis & Bockius UK LLP<br/><br/>Merger Control in the Post-Brexit Landscape<br/>Peter Harper, Kate Newman, Nicola Holmes, Annabel Borg, Claire Morgan <br/>and Laura Wright<br/>Eversheds Sutheriand<br/><br/>Middle East and Africa<br/><br/>ANGOLA<br/>Growing from EU Inspiration<br/>Ricardo Bordalo Junqueiro and João Francisco Barreiros VdA<br/><br/>COMESA<br/>Tug of War on Extraterritoriatity and the Saving Grace of<br/>Regional Law<br/>Willard Mwemba<br/>Chief Executive 0fficer of the C0MESA Competition Cornrnission<br/><br/>ISRAEL<br/>Competition Law Regime<br/>Tal Eyal-Boger, Ziv Schwartz and Shani Brown <br/>FISCHER (FBC & Co)<br/><br/>MAURITIUS<br/>Over a Decade of Competition Enforcement<br/>Deshmuk Kowlessur<br/>Executive Director of the Competition Cornmission of Mauritius<br/><br/>
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