Handbook of Research in Trans-Atlantic Antitrust /

por MARSDEN, Philip (Ed.)
[ Livros ] Publicado por : Edward Elgar, (Estados Unidos:) Detalhes físicos: 785 p. ISBN:9781845421816. Ano: 2007 Tipo de Material: Livros
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List of contributors
Philip Marsden

1 Unilateral effects from mergers: the Oracle case
Gregory J Werden

2 Transatlantic issues in the European merger review of Oracle! PeopleSoft: harmonious dissonance
Thomas Vinje and Dieter Paernen

3 Merger to monopsony in Canada, Europe and the United States: a selected international comparison
Margarei Sanderson

4 Tweedledum and Tweedledee? Regime dynamics in US and EC merger control
Andrew Scott

5 A transatlantic assessment of the evolving use of behavioural merger remedies
Neil Campbel, caser Halladay and Ornar Wakil

6 Judicial review of mergers in Europe: Tetra Lavai, GE/Honeyweland the convergence toward US standards
Jeremy Weinberg

7 Discounts, rebates and selective pricing by dominant firms: a trans-Atlantic comparison
Cliristian Ahlborn and David Bailey

8 A dominant firm's duty to deal: EC and US antitrust law compared
Alison Jones

9 Tying: a transatlantic perspective
David W Hull

10 Abuse of dominance enforcement under Latin American competition laws
Russell Pittman and Maria Tineo

11 Substantial convergence: the US influence on the development of the regulatory framework for IP licensing in the EC
Sieven D. Anderman

12 The right balance of competition policy and inteliectual property law: a Federal Trade Commission perspective
Alden F Abbott, Suzanne Michel and Armando Irizarry

13 Compulsory access as an antitrust remedy: when, why and how is it applied in EU and US law?
Donald I. Baker and Tony Woodgate

14 Regulation in Brazil: retrospect and prospects
Gesner Oliveira and Thomas Fujiwara

15 Regulatory and competition issues in the transatlantic air transport sector: towards a transatlantic open aviation area
Karel van Miert and Daniel caileja

16 lissues relating to the enforcement and application of criminal laws in respect of competition
Mark Furse

17 The brave new world of extradition: a North Atlantic treaty alliance against cartels?
Julian M. Joshua

18 Lessons learned from the US experience in private enforcement of competition laws
Kevin E. Gradv

19 The role of non-litigation strategies: advocacy, reports and studies as instruments of competition policy
Willia,n E. Kovacic

20 Information please: opening antitrust to the public: why more European Union Court and Commission documents and hearings should no longer be secret
David Lawsky

21 The goals of antitrust: thoughts on consumer welfare in the US
Albert A. Foer

22 Competition enforcement and consumers
Juan Antonio Rivièrey Martí

23 The distributional consequences of antitrust
Okeoghene Odudu

24 Merger control and cross-border transactions: a pragmatic view on cooperation, convergence and what is in between
Anel E:rachi

25 Bilateral enforcement cooperation agreements
Anestis Papadopoulos

26 An antitrust analysis of the World Trade Organization's decision in the US—Mexico arbitration on telecommunications services
J. Gregorv Sidak and Hal J Singer

27 Mexico's competition Iaw: North American origins, European practice
Adriaan ten Kate and Gunnar Niels

28 Competition policies in Latin America, post-Washington Consensus
Julián Pena


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