Competition law, climate change and environmental sustainability/

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Part I: Legal Themes

Preface: How Sustainability Can Be Taken Into Account
in Every Area of Competition Law
Simon Holmes (Oxford UniversitIv / UK Competition Appeal Tribunal)

Chapter 1: Cooperation

Sustainabie Competition Poiicy and the "Polluter Pays" Principie
Maurits Dolmans (Cleary Gotilieb Steen & Hamilton)

Article 101(3) TFEU: the Roadmap for Sustainabie Cooperation
Ella van den Brink and Jordan Elilson (Google / Slaughter and May)

A New Approach to Assess Certain Sustainability Agreements under Competition Law
Theon van Dijk (Nether/ands Authority for Consumers and Markets)

Green Antitrust: Friendiy Fire in the Fight Against Climate Change
Maarten Pieter Schjnkel and Leonard Treuren (University of Amsterdam)

Chapter 2: Abuse of Dominance

Radical For Whom? Unsustainable Business Practices as Abuses Of Domjnance
Manos Iovjdes and Christos Vrettos (University o Oxtord / Stockholm university

Expioring the Sustainability of Article 102
Christopher Thomas (Hogan Lovells)

Chapter 3: EU Merger Control

Environmental Sustainability and EU Merger Control:
EU Competition Policy's Dark Horse to Support Greeri lnvestment
Nicole Kar, Emma Cochrane and Belia Spring (Linklaters)

Can Environmental Interests Trump An EUMR Decision9
AIec Burnside, Marjolein De Backer and Delphine Strohl (Dechert)

Chapter 4: State Aid

State Aid and Sustainability,
James Webber (Shearman & Sterling)

The Role of State Aid in Promoting Environmental Sustainability
Nicole Robins, Anton Burger and Laura Puglisi (Oxera)

Chapter 5: Public Procurement

Environmental and Climate Sustainability in Public Procurement
Patrick ThietTry

Procuring a Greener Future
Fiona M Beattie (Macfarlanes)

Part II: lndustry Perspectives

Preface: Competition Policy as an Enabler of a Sustainable Economy
- A View Across Sectors
Dirk Middelschulte (Unilever)

Chapter 1: Automotive and Transportation

Sustainability in the Automotive Industry, a Quest for Certainty
in Troubled Times?
Jérôme Cloarec (Michelin)

Right on Track - The Legal Framework as a Locomotive
for Sustainability in Transportation
Benjamin Linke and Udo WoiI Deutsche Bahn AG)

The Role of Competition Law in Shaping the Future
of Road Transportation
lan Rose (Volvo Truck Corporation)

Chapter 2: Banking and Finance

Competition Law as an Obstacle for Financing
a Sustainable Economy7
Stephan Bredt (Ministry qf Economics, Energy; Transpor! and Housing of the Siate of Hessen)

Potential Competition Concerns as the Banking and Finance Industry Responds to Climate Change
Hugh Muilan, Marc Braithwaite and Rosy Cheetham-West (UK Payinen: Systems Regulator / UK Financial Conduct Authority)

Chapter 3: Consumer Goods

Competition Law and Sustainability: an Industry Perspective
Angélique de Brousse (Johnson & Johnson)

Brands, Competition and Sustainability
Andreas Gayk (Markeni'erhand e. V - Gerinan Brands Association)

What Role Does Antitrust Play in How FMCG Companies Choose
to Pursue Sustainability Goals?
Ben Graham (AB InBer)

Chapter 4: Energy

Abuse of Dominant Position and Sustainability -
How to Use Article 102 TFEU as a Sword to Promote Sustainability:
Lessons Learnt From DEIDK Interconnector
Eleni Diamantopouou (Client Earth)

Setting the Course - Removing Competition Law Obstacles to Industry Sustainability Coilaborations
Morgan Frontczak (Shell International B V)

Chapter 5: Food Supply Chain

Competition Policy for a Sustainable Food Sector:
An In-House Counsel Perspective
Martyn Chu (Danone)

An Environmentally and Socially Broken Global Food System:
What Role For Competition Law?
Claudio Lombardi and Tomaso Ferrando 'KIMEP University / Unirersity of Antirerp)

The Footprint of Competition: Power, Value Distribution and Exploitation in the Food Supply Chain
Michelie Meagher and Simon Roberts (llniversily Coliege London / University of Johannesburg)

Chapter 6: Industrial Products

How EU Antitrust Law Elevates Sustainability - And How Not: An In-House Practitioner Perspective on the Relationship
Between Antitrust Law and Sustainability Objectives
Boris Kasten and Hendrik Reffken (Schindler Managemeni Ltd,)

A Grey Area in Green Cooperation Between Competitors:
Exchanging Non-Price Information Within a Trade Association
Gianni De Stefano (Akzo Nobel)

Part III: Agency Outlook

Preface: Can Competition Authorities Consider Sustainability
in their Decision-Making9
Martijn Snoep (Nether/ands Au,/iority jr Consuiners and Markets

Georgina Foster, Grant Murray and Wendy Thian (Baker McKenzie)

European Union
Luc Peeperkorn (Brusse/s School of Coinpelition / ColIege of Europe)

Isabelle de Silva (French Competition Authority)

loannis Lianos 'He11enic Competition commission)

South Africa
Tembinkosi Bonakele (Competition Commi.ssion of South África)

United Kingdom
Sandrine Delarue and Mike Walker

Part IV: Alternative Perspectives

A Sustainable Competition Policy is a Shared Responsibility
Martijn Han (True Price Foundation)

"It Ain't Necessarily So ... "
WilIem Vriesendonp (#Sustainable PublicAffairs)

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