Concurrences: competition law review

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New 2018 English Edition - Melhores artigos publicados em 2017 e 2018.


David Bailey, Competition policy in the digital era, Concurrences N°1-2018
Liza Lovdahl Gormsen, Should antitrust policy protect new entrants?, Concurrences N°4-2017

Makan DELRAHIM, D0J: Entrepreneurial spirit, intemational antitrust, and enforcement norms, Concurrences N°1-2018
Johanne PEYRE, Pearson: Managing global compliance - Battle-tested tips ftom in-house, Concurrences N°1 -2018

Big Data and competftion law Concurrences N°4-2017

Law & Economics
Georgios Petropoulos,

Vertical Restraints and E-commerce, Concurrences N°1-2018
Edward Snyder, Pierre Cremieux, Enfortement of anticollusion laws against domestic and foreign firms, Concurrences N°4-2017

Gabrielia Muscolo,
Giovanni PitruzzeHa, Unfair prices: A few remaiis on competition policy and antitrust analysis, Concurrences N°1-2018
Wouter Wils, The European Commission's "ECN+" Proposal for a Directive to empower the competition authorities of the Member States to be more effective enforcers, Concurrences N°4-2017

Legal Practices
Olivier Billard, Guillaume Fabre, Inability to pay the fines imposed by the European Commission in cartel proceedings: How to navigate the maze?, Concurrences N°1-2018
Chnstopher Cook, Real review timetables under the EU Merger Regulation, Concurrences N°2-2017

Pranvera Kéllezi, Switzerland: Prohibition of paraliel imports and market integration - The role of the 'effects doctnne" and the development of the substantive laws, Concurrences N°3-2017
Vinicius Marques de Carvalho, Brazil: Competition policy five years later - Still in seaith of better practices?, Concurrences N°3-2017

Global Merger Conference
Paris, 8 December 2017
Antitrust in Developing Countries
New York, 27 October 2017
Cyber Competition
Brusseis, 21 September 2017
What is Trump Antitrust?
Competion policy under a new U.S. administration
Washington, 11 September 2017
Antitrust in the financial sector
New York, 23 May 2017
International Committee
Frédéric Jenny 1 President of the International Committee Chairman of the Competition
Committee of the OECD Professor of Econornic ESSEC
Christopher Bellarny
Solicitor, London
Josef Drexi
Professor at lhe Max Planck Institute, Munich
Claus-Dieter Ehlermann
Member of the Brussels Bar
David Gerber
Professor at Kent College of Law, Chicago
Douglas Ginsburg
Chief Judge at US Circuit Court, Washington DC
Barry Hawk
Professor at Fordham University, New-York
Scott Hemphill
Professor at Colombia University
Wllhiam Kovacic
Professor at George Washington Law School, Washington
Kaï-Uwe Kuhn
Professor at University of Michigan, DICE. and CEPR
Koen Lenaerts
Jidge at the Court of Justice, Luxembourg
Mario Monti
Former EU Cornrnissioner, Senator, Roma
Maureen Ohlhausen
Acting chairman, FTC, Washington DC
Howard Shelanski
Professor, Georgetown University
Richard Whish
Professor at lOnga College, University o! London
Scientific Committee
Laurence Idot Professor at University. Paris II phanteon assas
Virginie Beaumeunier
Director general, DGCCRF
Jean-Bernard Biaise
Professor Emeritus at the University 01 Paris li Panthéon-Assas
Christian Bovet
Professor at the University of Geneva
Guy Canivet
Member of lhe Constitutionnal Court
Jean-Yves Chérot
Professor ai University dAix-Marsellle
Philippe Choné
Professor, CREST, Malakoff
Emmanuelle Claudel
Professor University of Paris 2 Panthéon Assas
Ernmanuel Combe
Professor at University Paris l Panthéon-Sorbonne
Isabeile de Silva
President, French Compeiiiion Authority, Paris
Johannes Laitenberger
Director-General, DO COMP
Bruno Lasserre
Section president Conseil d'Eta!
Anne Perrot
Professor at University Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne
Sylvaine Poillot-Peruzzetto
Professor at University Toulouse
Catherine Prieto
Professor at University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Patrick Rey
Professor at IDEI, University Toulouse
Jacques Steenbergen
Professor at Katholieke Universitelt Leuven
General Director of the Service belge de la concurrence
Louis Vogel
Professora at University Pana II Panthéon-Assas
Wouter WiIs
Hearing Officer, European Coromission
Visiting Professora at King's Coilege London
Marc Van der WoudeJudge at the General Court of the EU
Editorial Committee
Nicolas Charbit
1 Chief Editor
Pierre Kirch
Member of lhe Paris and Brussels Bars
Christophe Lemaire
Senior lecturer, University Paris 1 Panihéon-Sorbonne
Member of the Paris Bar
Fanny Méjane
Deputy Chief Editor Alain Ronzano
Editor of CREDA Concurrence Cantar of Research in Business Law, Pano Chamber of Commerce (CCIP)

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