The Regulatory Challenge/ (Registro n. 1088)

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Título principal The Regulatory Challenge/
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Editora Oxford University Press,
Data 1995.
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Conteúdo CONTENTS<br/>List of Figures <br/>List of Tables<br/>Notes on Contributors<br/><br/>Introduction <br/>1. Express Coaching: Privatization, Incumbent Advantage, and <br/>the Competitive Process <br/>David Thompson and Ann Whitfield <br/>2. Conflicting Regulator Objectives: The Supply of Gas to <br/>UTK Industry <br/>Evan Davis and Stephanie Flanders <br/>3. Reforming the NHS <br/>Alan Maynard <br/>4. Regulatory Reform m Higher Education in the UK: <br/>Incentives for Efficiency and Product Quality <br/>Martin Cave, Ruth Dodsworth, and David Thompson <br/>S. The Impact of Competition on Pricing and Quality of <br/>Legal Services <br/>Simon Domberger and Avrom Sherr <br/>6. The Regulation of Financial Services: Lessons from the <br/>UK for 1992<br/>Colin Mayer <br/>7. The Reregulation of British Broadcasting <br/>Martin Cave and Peter Williamson<br/>8. Information Asymmetries and Product-Quality Regulation <br/>Norman Ireland<br/>9. Regulation and Standards Policy: Setting Standards by<br/>Committees and Markets <br/>Peter Grindley<br/>10. Regulation in the European Conmrnnity and its Impact on the UK <br/>Francis McGowan and Paul Seabright<br/>11. Modified Regulation of Telecommunications and the<br/>Public Interest Standard <br/>William Bau,nol<br/>12. Competition and Regulation in Telecommunications <br/>Mark Armstrong and John Vickers <br/>13. The Development of Telecommunications Policy in the <br/>UK,1981-1991 <br/>Michael Beesley and Bruce Laidlaw <br/>14. The Regulation of Product Quality m the Public Utilities <br/>Laura Rovizzi and David Thompson <br/>15. RPI - X Price-Cap Regulation <br/>Ray Rees and John Vickers <br/>16. The Cost of Capital in Regulated Industries <br/>Paul Grout<br/>17. Law and Regulation: Current Issues and Future Directions <br/>John McEldowney<br/>18. Problems of Yardstick Regulation in Electricity Distribution <br/>Thomas Weyman-Jones<br/>Index <br/><br/><br/><br/>
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