Competition law

por WHISH, Richard
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Table of treaties and conventions
Table of EU legilation
Table of statutes and statutory insuuments
Table of CMA reports, decisions and publications
Table of guidelines, quidance and other pub!ications
Table of cases
List of abbreviations

1 Competition policy and economics

1. Introduction
2.Overview of the Practices Controled by Competition Law
3.The Theory of Competition
4.The Function of Competition Law
5.Market Definítion and Market Power

2 Overview of EU and UK competition law

2 .EU law
3.UK Law
4.The Relationship Between EU Competition Law and National Competitíon Laws
5 The institutionai Structure of EU and UK Competition Law

3 ArticIe101(1)

1. introduction
2 Undertakins and Associations of Undertakings
3 Agreements, Decisions and Concerted Practice
4.The Object or Effect of Preventing, Restricting or Distorting Competition
5.The De Minimis Doctrine
6.The Effect on Trade Between Member states
7.Checklist of Agreernents that Fall Outside Article 101(1)

4 Article101(3)

1 introduction
2 The Article 101(3) Criteria
3 Regulation 1/2003
4 Block Exemptions

5 Article 102

1. Introduction
2. Overview of lhe Law and Practice of Artic!e 102
3 The Commissions Guidance on Art:de 102 Enforcement Priorities
4 .Undertakins
5. The Effect on Inter-StateTrade
6. Dominant Position
7. A Substantial Part of the Internai Market
8. Abuse
9. Defences
10.The Consequences of Infririging Article 102

6 The obligations of Member States under the EU competition rules

1. Introduction
2. Article 4(3) TEU —Duty of Sincere Cooperatron
3 Article 106 TFEU—Cornpliance with the Treaties
4 Article 37 TFEU—Stat,e Monopolies aí a Cornmercíal Character
5. Articles 107 to 109 TFEU—State Aids

7 Articles 101 and 102: public enforcement by the European Commission and national competition authorities under Regulation 1/2003

I.Overview aí Regulation 1/2003
2.The Commissions Enforcement Powers under Regulation 1/2003
3, Regulation 1/2003 in Practice
4 Judicial Review

8 Articles 101 and 102: private enforcernent in the courts of Member States

1. Introduction
2 EU Law, Actions for Darnages
3. Private Actions in the UK Courts
4 Compemion Law as a Defence
5. Arbitration

9 Competition Act 1998: substantive provisions

1 .Introduction
2. The Campetition Act 1998-Overview
3 .The Chapter 1 Prohibition
4 The Chapter II Prohibition
5. 'Governing Principles Cause'. Section 60 of the Competition Act 1998
6. The Competition Act 1998 in Practice
7 .Brexit and the Future of UK Competition Law

10 Competition Act 1998 and the cartel offence: public enforcement and procedure

1. Introduction
2. lnquiries and Investigations
3. Complaínts
4. Opinions and Informal Advice
5. Enforcement
6 The Cartel Offence and Company Director Disqualification
7. Concurrency
8. Appeals
9. Article 267 References
10. NAO Reports on the UK Competition Regime

11 Enterprise Act 2002: market studies and market investigations

1. Introduction
2. Gathering lnformation About Markets
3. Super-Comptaints
4. Market Studies
S. Market Investigation References
6. Public lnterest Cases
7. Enforcement
8. Supplementary Provisions
9 .The Market lnvestigation Provisions in Practice
10. Orders and Undertakirigs Under the Fair Trading Act 1973

12 The international dimension of competition law

2.Extraterritoriality: Theory
3.The Extraterritorial Application of US Antitrust Law
4.The Extraterritorial Application of EU Competition LaW
5.The Extraterritorial Application of UK Competition Law
6.Resistance to Extraterritorial Application of Competition Law
7.The lnternationalisation of Competition Law

13 Horizontal agreernents (1): cartels

2 Widespread Consensus that Cartels Should be Prohibited
3.EU PolicyTowards Cartels
4.Horizontal Price Fixing
5. Horizontal Market Sharing
6. Quotas and Other Restrictions on Production
7 Collusive Tendering
8 Agreernents Relating to Terms and Conditions
9. Exchanges of Information
10 Advertising Restrictions
11 Anti-Competitive Horizontal Restraints
12 UK Law

14 Horizontal agreements (2): oligopoly, tacit collusion and collective dominance

2.The Theory of Oligopohstic Interdependence
3. Article 101
4. Article 102 and Collective Dominance
5. UK Law

15 Horizontal agreements (3): cooperation agreements

2.Full-function joint Ventures
3.The Application of Article 101 to Horizontal Cooperation Agreements and the Commissions Guidelines on Horizontal Cooperation Agreements
4 Information Exchange
5 Research and Development Agreements
6 Production Agreements
7.Purchasing Agreements
8.Cornmercialisation Agreements
9 Standardisation Agreements
10.Other Cases of Permissible Horizontal Cooperation
11.The Application of the Chapter 1 Prohibition in the UK
Competition Act 1998w Horizontal Cooperation Agreements

16 Vertical agreements

2.The Distribution Chain
3. Vertical lntegration
4. Commercial Agents
5. Vertical Agreements:Competition PoIicy Considerations
6. Vertical Agreements: Article 101 (1)
7. Vertical Agreements Regulation 330/2010
8. Vertical Agreements:Individual Application of Article 101(3)
9. Vertical Agreeiments: Enforcement
10. Regulation 461/2010 on Motor Vehicle Distribution
11. Sub-Contracting Agreements
12 UK Law

17 Abuse of dominance (1): non-pricing practices

1. Introduction
2. Exclusive Dealing Agreements
3. Tying
4. Refusal toSupply
5. Non Pricing Abuses that are Hamful to the Internal Market
6. Miscellaneous Other Non-Pricing Abuses

18 Abuse of dominance (2): pricing practices

1. Introduction
2. Cost Concepts
3. Excessive Pricing
4. Conditional Rebates
5. Bundling
6. Predatory Pricing
7. Margin Squeeze
8. Price Discrimination
9. Pricing Practices that are Harmful to the Single Market

19 The relationship between intellectual property rights and competition Iaw

1. Introduction
2. Licences af Inteilectual Property Rights: Article 101
3. Technology Transfer Agreernents: Regulation 316/2014
4. The Application of Artcle 101 to Other Agreements Relating to Inteltectual Property Rights
5. Article 102 and Inteilectual Property Rights
6, UK Law

20 Mergers(1):introduction

1. Introduction
2. Terrninology
3. Merger Activity
4. The Proliferation of Systems of Merger Control
5. Why Do Firms Merge?
6. What is the Purpose aI Merger Control?
7. Designing a System of Merger Contral

21 Mergers (2): EU law

1. Introduction
2. Overview of EU Merger Control
3. Jurisdiction
4 Notification. Suspension of Concentrations, Procedural Timerable and Powers of Decision
5 Substantive Analysis
6. Remedies
7. Powers of Investigation and Enforcement
8 JudiciaI Review
9. International Cooperation
10, The EUMR in Practice

22 Mergers (3): UK Iaw

2. Overview of UK Merger Control
3. The CMAs DuTy to Make References: Phase 1 Investigations
4. Determination of References by the CMA: Phase 2 Investigations
5. The'Substantial Lessening of CompetitionTest
6, Enforcernent
7. Supplernentary Provisions
8. The Merger Provisions in Practice
9. Public Interest Cases, 'Other Specia Cases and Mergers in the Water industry

23.Particular sectors

2.Nudear Energy
3.Military Equipment
5.Coal and Steel
7.Regulated Industries


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