Competition policy for the new era: (Registro n. 3243)

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Título principal Competition policy for the new era:
Subtítulo insights from the BRICS countries/
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Cidade New York:
Editora Oxford University Press,
Data 2017.
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Número de páginas 270 p.
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Conteúdo Contents<br/><br/>List of Tables xiii<br/>List of Figures xv<br/><br/>Introduction<br/>Tembinkosí Bonakele, Eleanor M Fox, and Liberiy Mncube<br/><br/>1. Towards a Broader View of Competition Policy <br/>Joseph E Stiglitz<br/><br/>2. Outsider Antitrust: 'Making Markets Work for People' as a Post-Millennium Development Goal <br/>Eleanor M Fox<br/><br/>3. The Case for a BRICS Competition Agenda <br/>Tem binkosi Bonakele<br/><br/>4. Global Governance of Antitrust and the Need for a BRICS Joint Research Platform in Competition Law and Policy <br/>loannis Lianos<br/><br/>5. BRICS and the Global Competition Law Project <br/>Alexey Yurievich Ivanov<br/><br/>6. Successes and Challenges in the Fight against Cartels<br/>Joseph E Harrington, Jr<br/><br/>7. The Economics of Antitrust Sanctioning: A Review with Recommendations for Improving Current Sanctioning Regimes <br/>Yannis Katsoulacos and Eleni Metsiou<br/><br/>8. Remedies in BRICS Countries: Are There Lessons from and for Competition Economics? <br/>Svetlana Avdasheva and Tariana Radchenko<br/><br/>9. Crafting Creative Competition Remedies in South Africa <br/>Liberty Mncube, Thulani Mandiriza, and Micheile Viljoen<br/><br/>10. Public Interest Issues in Cross-Border Mergers: Is there a Role for Competition Authorities? <br/>Yongama Njisane and Hardin Ratshisusu<br/><br/>11. Barriers to Entry and Implications for Competition Policy<br/>Simon Roberts<br/><br/>12. Some Key Issues Concerning Further Development of China's Anti-Monopoly Law<br/>Wang Xianlin<br/><br/>13. Excessive Pricing Regulation in China, South Africa, and Other BRICS Member States<br/>Richard Murgatroyd, Yan Yu, and Innes Barnardt<br/><br/>14. Guidelines as aTool to Promote Competition Enforcement in Brazil<br/>Márcio de Oliveira júnior and Paulo Burnier da Silveira<br/><br/>Bibliography <br/><br/>Index <br/><br/><br/>
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Subdivisão geral <a href="Brasil, Rússia, Índia, China, África do Sul">Brasil, Rússia, Índia, China, África do Sul</a>
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Nome pessoa FOX, Eleanor M.
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Nome pessoa MNCUBE, Liberty
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